What lies behind it …!


גרמניה: 1-3 ימי עסקים, במדינות אחרות: 5-30 ימי עבודה

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Behind everything stands the Will of God, moving and sustaining!
On this side, in the gross matter of this earth, we see every-where only the ramifications, the final effects of this Eternal Will, Which find expression in His immutable Laws.
For the Human spirit it is now particularly stimulating and gladdening to be able to investigate and divine the deeper meaning of outward happenings and events; for what is real lies beyond earthly comprehension, and can be grasped only with the spiritual faculties.
This shall be attempted here. At the same time may the reader recognise one thing or another that cannot be fathomed with mere earthly knowledge, and yet represents the reality.

Vomperberg, Tyrol, August 1976

Herbert Vollmann

מידע נוסף
ISBN 978-3-87860-083-1
מחבר Herbert Vollmann
ממדים 11.5 x 18 cm
פוּרמָט Paperback
שפה English
זמן משלוח גרמניה: 1-3 ימי עסקים, במדינות אחרות: 5-30 ימי עבודה